"Tim in Reston complimented the Rack installs. He said he was very impressed. For someone who works in a Datacenter and sees several hundred installs that is saying something. I am really looking forward to seeing them myself. Thanks. "
"As always, you and Agile IT are a pleasure to work with. You go the extra mile for your customers, and we value that greatly."
"The feedback from others on your service has been great. I have had several people comment on how well you are doing with the IBM equipment."
"(Agile IT) is very conscientious about providing the best and fastest service. (They have) a fervent commitment to ensuring that any problems will be corrected in the fastest time frame and many times at (their) own expense. "
"Now I really understand why your company is called Agile."
"I want to really express my deep appreciation to you for working with me on those extra fiber cables you are sending to Tampa. And not just for the cables, but for this whole crazy affair, all the phone calls... on the quotes and machine configurations. I cannot thank you enough. Thank you very, very much Sir - for everything!"
Thanks so much for your great service and support You are an outstanding vendor!